The 2nd Global Conference on Research in Education and Learning (GCEL 2024) provides two avenues for authors to submit their full paper post Conference. They are as follows;

  •          Conference Proceedings.
  •          Internationally Peer Reviewed Journals.


Conference Proceedings

This is a compilation of the full papers pertaining to researches presented at the Conference which will be made available online providing more exposure to the research work the authors have put in a lot of effort in systematically studying and researching. Every registered author of the Conference is eligible to submit the Full Paper of their research work for publishing in the Conference Proceedings which will be submitted for possible indexing in reputed indexing sources such as Thomson Reuters, Google Scholar and Scopus.


General Guidelines

  •           Articles should be 6000 words or less in Length.   
  •            Margins should be set at 1.2″ top, bottom, right and left.
  •            Set tab settings to 0.25″, so that first line of a paragraph is indented by that amount.
  •           Paper size should be set for 210mm by 297mm (A4).
  •           All text should be typed in Times New Roman with 11 point and fully-justified (Sub-headings should be typed in 13 point).
  •           Single space the body of the paper. Double space before first or second level sub-headings (in other words, leave one blank line).
  •          Sub-headings that take more than one line should be single-spaced. Single space between each listing in the reference section. Do not double space between paragraphs.