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Fahmida Rahman

Publisher: R & R Knowledge Solutions

Date of Publication: 02 August 2022


When I stepped into teaching, I had a vision for teaching students to develop their learning skills and understand their learning capabilities. However, one of the most common questions students ask these days is “Which teacher gives more marks?” Despite, institutions and educators being responsible for developing students’ intellectual and interpersonal competences, the orthodox mode of memorizing for examinations and passing with the highest mark is a norm difficult to disentangle. Through this paper I am contemplating experiential learning as a state-of-the-art teaching and learning policy. Students, through such engagements, will become sensitized to the world around them, and especially the social, economic and environmental challenges that people face. Theoretical review was conducted in order to examine the need of experiential learning and how it is contributing to soft skills. The analysis revealed that experiential learning will reinforce the six outcomes: students will develop advanced learning skills; explore sustainable solutions; embrace diversity in their analytical thinking and lived practice; approach complex problems through an analysis of the interconnectedness of divergent sectors; foster creativity of thoughts and expressions through a critical appreciation of alternative practices; and display empathy and purpose through an examination of the ethical implications of their actions. Accordingly, experiential learning will help students become more analytical and skilled in solving complex problems through collaborative interventions. It will assist them in building confidence and develop a better understanding of themselves as part of a broader local and global community.

Keywords: Experiential learning, Education, Students, Development, Traditional

Rahman, F. (2022). Experiential Learning for Student Advancement: A State-of-the-Art in Higher Education. In The Global Conference on Research in Education and Learning. R&R Knowledge Solutions. Retrieved from https://www.globaleduconference.com/conference-proceedings-2022/