Every participant at the 2nd Global Conference on Research in Education and Learning (GCEL 2024) is categorized in accordance to the below classification;

  • Students: Undergraduates, Master Graduates and PhD candidates.
  • Delegates: Doctors, Professors, Lecturers, Independent Researchers, Corporate representatives.


  • Presenters:

These are the type of participants who are willing to present their research work at the Conference. In order to seek eligibility, you are expected to submit the  Abstract of your research work to receive an acceptance to be able to present at the Conference.

             – Oral Presenters


             – Poster Presenters


             – Online Presenters

Note : Those who are willing to Pre-record their presentations, can do so by informing the organizing committee and handing over to them two weeks in advance to the Conference. Please ensure the recorded presentation does not exceed 15 minutes. However, the participation of the presenter is mandatory during the 5 Minute Q&A session.

  • Non-Presenters (Listeners)

These are participants at the Conference who are part of the community and are willing to grow their network, engage in discussions and acquire knowledge for future projects and research.